Mater Gets A Set of Classic Wheels
Remember Mater from Disney's "Cars"? Our friends at The Austin Hatcher Foundation stopped by Rocket Racing Wheels with a replica of the Mater truck! Mater is now outfitted in a set of classic wheels, the Rocket Igniter in As-Cast. Mater will be at various car shows in 2012 and finall
Recreating The Salt Flats Style With Vintage Wheels
The famed 5 window Kidney Bean wheel has made a significant impact on the history of hot rodding. The dry lake beds of Southern California intrigued rodders with high speed and glory. Today, the lakester wheel is on everything from street rods,  the Willys Coupe, Hiboys, to Gassers. The ultimate, land speed racing wheel, the Rocket Igniter, is prec
Daisy Spoke Classic Wheels
The Rocket Fuel brings back the classic look of early hot rodding. Whatever you want to call them...the daisy spoke or the coke bottle wheel,  5-spoke drag racing wheels are a classic. Remember the old magnesium? All were susceptible to corrosion, pitting, and had to be polished constantly to keep their sheen. We like classic wheels, but not the fl
Lightning Strikes With Street Rod Wheels
At this year's SEMA Show, Rocket Racing Wheels won a Global Media Award for introducing one of the best products of 2011. What is the Rocket Strike? It's a single rib wheel and the perfect boulevard cruiser! While similar to the Cragar Eliminator or the Radir tri ribbed wheel, the Rocket Strike stays true to the hot rod feel of yesteryear, evoking t
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