Nostalgic Hot Rod Wheels
Our hot rod wheels are nostalgic. Retro inspired, 5 spoke wheel designs that are the perfect compliment to hot rods, street rods, rat rods, gassers, classic cars, classic and modern trucks, d rods, and more! Hot rods deserve well made, well designed nostalgia wheels and Rocket Racing
Hit The Salt With Rocket Mag Wheels
Our salt flat wheels are sure to impress on the salt at Bonneville. Get the right look for your roadster with our Rocket Igniter kidney bean mag wheels. The Rocket Igniter series is a 5 window wheel design in Gray/Machined, Polished, As Cast and our custom powder coat, RPM7. RPM 7 is our
Mag Wheels Newsletter
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Affordable Muscle Car Wheels
Our muscle car wheels are designed with your wallet in mind. No need to fork over tons of cash and wasted time for custom wheels, when you can have a set of high quality, Rocket Racing Wheels on your muscle car in no time! Our designs go through rigorous testing to meet or exceed
Polished Vintage Wheels
We have several designs of polished vintage wheels to fit your budget! Our salt flats wheel, the Rocket Igniter; our deep 5 spoke design, the Rocket Injector; our classic daisy spoke/coke bottle style wheel, the Rocket Fuel; our tri-ribbed wheel, the Rocket Strike; and our 10-spoke g
A Rocket Racing Hot Rod Wheels Tribute to American Indy Racing History
The Rocket Fire, one of our latest hot rod wheels, is a tribute to the Indy 6 pin drive wheels of the 50s and 60s. Its unique design is the perfect compliment to open roadsters and hot rods. These wheels became legendary as they crossed the finish line. Now you can own a piece of American racing history with a set of Rocket Fire wheels. Available in
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