Flat Metallic Bronze Powdercoating combines classic style with modern technology, Rocket has specially formulated the latest in custom, durable powder-coated finishes that can now be added as a custom finish to every newly purchased Rocket Racing Wheel  Custom Finishes are made-to-order and require approximately 2 weeks to complete custom.  Note: Custom Finish Wheels and Accessories are Non-Returnable.
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Item# Size / Description MSRP
RPM11S-001 Flat Metallic Bronze Custom Wheel Powder-Coating (price per wheel inc. original center cap) $100.00
RPM11S-002 Flat Metallic Bronze Custom Center Cap Powder-Coating (price per additional center cap) $25.00
RPM11S-003 Flat Metallic Bronze Custom Knockoff Powder-Coating (price per Vintage Knockoff pair) $70.00
RPM11S-004 Flat Metallic Bronze Custom Solid-Fire Lug Cover Powder-Coating (price per Solid-Fire Lug Cover Pair) $50.00

| 12-11-2018, 11:55

Really like the look of the bronze finish! Need a set of those for my 1966 mustang 18x11

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