Rocket Races To The Top With Hot Rod Wheels!

Jess Neal took Rocket Racing Wheels to the top of Pikes Peak. Fast. The first running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb started in 1916 and the “Race to the Clouds” has been an ongoing tradition ever since. Imagine starting out a race at 9,390 feet and zooming up a 12.42 mile course at 90 mph with 156 turns along the way and finally reaching your destination at the summit of Pikes Peak (14,110 feet!).  It takes a lot of stamina for not only the driver, but the vehicle as well.[gallery columns="2"]

These factors, along with a 1971 Cuda and the perfect hot rod wheels, the Rocket Velocity, equal a winning combination. Jess chose Toyo tires and 17x7 Rocket Velocity wheels on the front and 17x8 on the rear. The wheels look outstanding and as Jess put it, he "knew instantly they would compliment the look of the Cuda”. We couldn’t agree more!


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