Vintage Wheels On A Gasser
We love gassers, especially ones with our vintage wheels. Pair the Rocket Launcher and the Rocket Injector or the Strike and you're ready to roll. Both the Rocket Launcher and the Rocket Strike are available in 15x4.5" for a big and little combo. Choose from Polished or our As Cast f
Shine Up Your Hot Rod Wheels
Get out the Mother's polish and clean up your hot rod wheels! Rocket Racing Wheels makes a several wheel styles in a Polished finish. Choose from the 10 spoke gasser wheel, the Rocket Launcher; the single rib, Rocket Strike; the deep 5 spoke, Rocket Injector; the classic daisy spoke,
Dodge Charger Muscle Car Wheels
Are you looking for Dodge Charger muscle car wheels? Check out the Rocket Modern Muscle Booster series. Designed to fit 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Dodge Charger. Available in Black muscle car wheels, Hyper Shot muscle car wheels, and Chrome muscle car
6 Lug Mag Wheels
Meet Booster 6, the first, 6 lug classically styled truck wheel! Fits on classic-modern trucks and SUVs. Our mag wheels are precision crafted from A356 aluminum and ready to be bolted on. Booster 6 is available in Chrome and Hyper Shot with Machined Outer.  

Cruising On Vintage Wheels
It's car show season! Are you cruising on Rocket Vintage Wheels? Ride on our 5-spoke, retro wheels and you're sure to be noticed at the next car show! Choose from our torque thrust style, Rocket Booster wheel; 10-spoke gasser Rocket Launcher wheel; single rib Rocket Strike wheel, dee
Nostalgic Muscle Car Wheels
Are you looking for muscle car wheels with nostalgia? Check out the Rocket Booster series. The clean line, 5 spoke torque-thrust style wheels are perfect for your '69 Ford Mustang or vintage Camaro. The Rocket Booster series are available in Chrome, Hyper Silver, Hyper Shot and G
Drag Strips and Mag Wheels
You can't hit the drag strip in your 55 Gasser without a set of Mag Rocket Wheels. Go with the mag Launcher 10-spoke wheel or the single rib Strike and you're ready for take off. Both the Rocket Launcher and Rocket Strike are available in 15x4.5 and Polished and As Cast finishes.
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