Summer of Mag Wheels
Mark your calendar for the upcoming summer Rocket Racing Wheels shows! Our mag wheels will be on display across the country. Check out our website for a listing of all upcoming shows. Rocket Racing Wheels will be in Colorado, Washington and Kentucky throughout the summer!  
NEW Vintage Wheels
The 15" Igniter series will now also be available in 16" sizes! Our vintage wheels look great on gassers, hot rods, classics, trucks, & muscle cars. We offer a variety of backspacing and bolt patterns, proven to fit on 95% of enthusiasts rides. It's simple. Pick your size, bolt p
Wheels For Your Hot Rod
Wondering which wheels to choose for your hot rod? Go with traditional 5 spoke hot rod wheels from Rocket Racing Wheels! Retro styling for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and everything in between. Our hot rod wheels are 1-piece and made from A356 aluminum. Rocket Racing Wheels offers a var
New Mag Wheels From Rocket
The Rocket Strike mag wheels will now also be available in 15x4.5 and 15x10 inch sizes! Polished Rocket Strike and As Cast Rocket Strike will be available Summer 2013. Now you can run big and little combos on our single rib wheel!  
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