Rocket Injector Vintage Wheels
Our Rocket Injector vintage wheels are the perfect compliment to this 1948 Ford F1. The Rocket Injector series look great in our As Cast finish and Polished finish on trucks, muscle cars, gassers, hot rods, street rods, and classics! For a big and little combo, pair with the Rocket L
Tribute to DOW 7 For Hot Rod Wheels
DOW 7 was used in the 60's and 70's to protect brittle magnesium wheels during a race. The gold/gray tint became iconic in the automotive world. Rocket Racing Wheels pays homage to the history of DOW 7 by creating a new custom powder coat, RPM 7. The latest finish from Rocket Racing Wheels can be ordered on all NEW Rocket Racing
RPM 7 Is Perfect For Mag Wheels
Are you looking for that true mag wheels look? Now you can customize ANY of the new Rocket Racing Wheels with our RPM 7 finish. The gold/gray powdercoating is reminiscent of the use of DOW7 during the era of 60's and 70's racing. Our durable powdercoat ensures a long lasting, eye catchin
Vintage Wheels For Your Classic Car
Are you looking for the right vintage wheels for your classic car?  Check out the Rocket Fuel series. It's available in 15" and 17" and a variety of backspacing. The Rocket Fuel is purpose built to deliver big style and performance at an affordable price tag. All of Rocket Racing Wh
Aftermarket Hot Rod Wheels
Looking for aftermarket hot rod wheels? Check out our large selection of wheels for muscle cars, classic cars, trucks, hot rods, street rods and rat rods! Rocket Racing Wheels carries 15" wheels, 17", 18" wheels and 20" wheels in a variety of finishes.
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