Hot Rod Wheels At Grand National Roadster Show
We had a great time in Pomona, California! Visit us on facebook and you can check out some of the street rods from the show. We saw everything from traditional roadsters to land speed racers. One of our favorites was this '56 Chevy outfitted with the Rocket Injector, our newest set of ho
Muscle Cars With Vintage Wheels
We love modern muscle cars. We don't love the stock wheels on them. They just take away from the look of the muscle car. If you've got the new Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, or Dodge Challenger, you can bring vintage style to your modern ride. The Rocket Booster looks killer on vintage muscle cars, so we created the Modern Muscle Boo
Rocket Is The New Trend In Vintage Wheels
Throw 'em on a 50's Gasser, '69 Mustang, '10 Camaro, or even an SUV and you've got a vintage look. Vintage wheels give your car the perfect look. Everyone has a different opinion about what looks good on which car, but with options like the Rocket Fuel, Rocket Booster, or Rocket Launcher, you really c
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