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Mecum Auctions
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Owner: Mecum Auctions
Make: Studebaker
Model: Scotsman Wagon
Year: 1958

Featured on, this Studebaker rides on Rocket Racing Wheels Strike As Cast Wheels.

The Scotsman arrived in 1957, in a time when the Studebaker-Packard alliance was still struggling to recover financially after a couple of disastrous years with slow sales and numerous disputes within the company. Fearing bankruptcy, Studebaker-Packard decided to no longer try and meet Ford,GM, and Chrysler head-on on the market, but compete with low-priced cars instead. Using the existing Studebaker Champion’s bodies, the company created the Scotsman, a no-frills, no-nonsense car that had minimal convenience features and very few options to choose from. It was so spartan that its name was based on the reputation of Scottish frugality. The Scotsman was offered as a two- and four-door sedan, as well as a two-door wagon.

Built until 1958, the Scotsman was an unexpected success. Studebaker sold more than 9,000 units for the 1957 model year, against initial predictions of 4,000 examples. Its success continued in 1958, when it outsold the Champion, Commander, and President models combined. But, despite proving that Studebaker did not need to follow the flamboyant automotive trends of late 1950s, the Scotsman’s success wasn’t big enough to save the Studebaker-Packard alliance, which came to an end in 1962. Four years later, Studebaker was discontinued altogether after more than 50 years on the market.

2016 marks exactly 50 years since Studebaker was shut down completely, an event that calls for a closer look at some of the company’s most important models. Although far from fancy, the Scotsman Wagon was one of them, and we’re going to have a closer look at a rare model being sold by Mecum Auctions in August 2016.

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