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Eddie Rochelle
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Owner: Eddie Rochelle
Make: Nash
Model: LaFayette
Year: 1937
State: TN

Featured in RodAuthority

"Picture enjoying a cool, clear day relaxing next to the banks of the Cumberland River on the Backside of LP Field in Nashville, where the Tennessee Titans take to the gridiron. The azure skies allow the bright sunshine to reflect off the mix of old historic red brick and modernized glass and metal buildings on the skyline of downtown Music City.

Off in the distance I hear the rumblings of a deep-throated machine echoing between the buildings. As I look around to see where this familiar sound is coming from, I begin to see a dark shadow streak between the trees in the distance.

Like an angry animal, the deep howling of this engine seems to be getting closer. My imagination starts to run wild, seeing images of 80’s horror flicks of cars coming alive and chasing me down the road.

Finally, it reveals itself as a low, sleek black beast. It turns the corner and aims directly for me. As it rumbles closer to me I realize I was getting myself all worked up for nothing…well, maybe I shouldn’t say “nothing.” Seeing timeless modified hot rods with loud open exhaust always raises the excitement level, as well as my adrenalin.

This beautiful ’37 Nash LaFayette is owned by “Crazy” Eddie Rochelle and his lovely bride, Sarah. Eddy, who is a retired boxing trainer, has been hot rodding for as long as he can remember. He jokingly tells me he got his start in this hobby when he painted his tricycle yellow and he hasn’t stopped yet."

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